Adobe Acrobat

Virgo Ecosystem

2017.Apr - 2018.Jul

UX Design, Project Initiator, PDF Tools Lead



Although Adobe Acrobat provided robust PDF services in the desktop app, the web and mobile apps experience were lack of connection and not well communicated to the ecosystem. They only offered limited functionalities with outdated UI.

The goal was to streamline the creation, review, transaction, and delivery of sufficient documents for providing a seamless document cloud experience and better document lifecycle across six platforms.

Phase One Recombination

The project started with three designers. We evaluated all PDF use cases in framing the existing issues and piecing up all fragments. To demonstrate the ideas, I wireframed the mockups and formulated a user journey to illustrate the concept and present it to executives.

Phase Two Collaboration

Acrobat is a massive ecosystem; the designers in the team were assigned to focus on various areas such as home, file organizer, search, viewer, review,  sign, share, and the core functions which I was designated for: the PDF tools. As one of the design lead, I developed the initial concept and collaborated with 20+ designers to seamlessly merge all Acrobat functions..

These use cases also included marketing strategies, which I worked closely with the marketing team to define the paywalls. (here only shows the example of Create PDF.)

Edit PDF on Tablet

More and more people use tablet devices to view/edit/store their digital documents daily. The high priority was adding the editing tool on the mobile device to empower mobility on the go.

The below flow demonstrated the tasks of editing text content, deleting objects, adding text/image objects.

One more thing, Accessibility

I'm not an expert on accessibility design. But I always learn a lot from doing it because it let to think profoundly and something I wouldn't consider before. It is also my honor to working on accessibility design to serve various user types..

The most significant release in Acrobat history

We shared ten beta versions with 4300 unique users, then shipped the new Acrobat to the world. The Acrobat web release increased purchases/upgrades 61%, conversion 24%, file download 64%, share 37%, and unique users 39% in 3 weeks. The mobile release boosted sales up 30% in-app purchases, global rating from 4.45 to 4.53.


IN SJ California 2020