Adobe Sign

Optimizing First Mile

2018.Nov - 2019.May

UXUI Design, Solo, Project Lead



Adobe Sign lost lots of potential SMB customers. According to data, 43% of users dropped off at the sign-up screen, which had 18 fields needed them to fill. Additionally, there was no onboarding experience to assist users on what to do or try when they landed on the home screen.

The goal was to expand the funnel's top and simplify the journey from discovery, to trial, to purchase and increase conversion from trial to purchase. Create a new landing page to improve the onboarding experience and encourage users to explore more features.


The redesign plan started with outlining the current trial journey map. To discover the pain points via the current trial flow, the design team organized a workshop and invited stakeholders to collaborate. And then, I proposed the new journey experience, which represented the panorama of how we would solve the issues and set the project scope.

 Research, of course!

To increase user's onboarding experience was the goal. What contents they would see for the first time when they landed were the most top thing in my mind. The highlights of the new landing page were:

1. Built a new landing for users to start with rather than lost in the old dashboard page.

2. Used the hero block to highlight the main action, Send for signature, the core service.

3. Showed the brief sending flow to build users' mindset before they start proceeding.

4. Exposed other features to promote more features.

5. Provided learning resources.

6. Brought up the upsell button and the days left of trial.

7.  A demo of signing document flow to educate the use case.


I worked with the user researcher for user testing and interviews. The new design received many positive feedbacks. The result also validated the design direction was on track.

Better context

However, the many testers had a common issue understanding "Send for Signature" (Request someone's signature) vs. "Fill &Sign" (I sign.) The solution was to divide the hero section into two and added context to assist users onboard.

Moreover, the e-signing flow is long and complicated. We wanted to help users use the function smoothly, so I designed an instruction diagram that helped users better understand the signing flow in advance.


To satisfy mobile users, I considered three different breakpoints to match most various device screen sizes.

Small change, Big impact

The sign-up marketing form was simplified and reduced from 18 to 3 fields, which only requested the essential info. That was another successful case corporated with the marketing team. The data showed the new trial experience tremendously helped SMB eCommerce revenue increased from $2M in 2018 to $11M in 2019.


IN SJ California 2020