Adobe Scan

Resize Pages

2019.Oct - 2020.May

UXUI Design



We heard many customers wanted to create a professional PDF file via the Scan mobile app. The PDF doc generated by the app could carry various sizes of each page according to the source image's size or cropped result. The inconsistent page and content size inside PDF was very challenging for users to read or print the document.

The goal was to help users create/print professional-looking documents in utilizing the resize feature that allows specifying a consistent page size across entire multiple scans and offers a way to resize the content within these pages.

Idea exploration

After doing some quick research and competitive analysis, I learned the overall paper format presents that most apps are using in the settings. The early idea used page style to display the page setup screen showing the preview and paper presets. The second version used fullscreen and added adjusting scan size function within it.


When the design was ready for testing, there was a debate regarding the "Resize" entry in the team. I made two prototypes; one had a floating button on top of the screen; the B version had the Resize Page button in the toolbar. We used and recruited ten users. The result turned out having the Resize button in the toolbar is more design consistent and recognizable.


Couple of things I learned from the testing and revisited the design.

A. When the user's finger drags and scales the scan, showing the scan size assists accurate results.

B. Changed canvas style from blue-ish template to the real paperwhite color looking.

C. During the testing session, some users didn't notice swiping to change page. So I added the arrow buttons to make the function visible.

D. Depends on users' geolocation, it shows different order North American paper size vs. International paper sizes in the toolbar.

When the design was complete, I created the dark theme for both Android phone and tablet devices. In 2020, we delivered Resize Page feature for Android in March and planned to release it on iOS later the year.

Taste of sweetness

Excellent application. The rotate, resize and colour functions are great. What's more, it has ready made formats for resizing.


The last but not the least we can also modify our documents like it's colours, rotate it, resize it. Great app I recommend it.


This app is amazing. It allows me to scan documents and it's convenient to use. You can later make changes by changing its colour, resizing it, cropping it etc.


Best scanning App. Resizing to A3 PDF is also Present. Clarity is better than cam scanner and Google drive.


Love this app. So easy to use. You can very easily scan docs, rearrange and resize pages then share them as pdfs.


IN SJ California 2020