"Just enjoy, love and believe what I’m making, and then anything else just doesn’t matter"

Joshua Davis


When I was 12 years old, my father had an Intel 80486 personal computer. I was so fascinated with playing it, although I made it crashed and got virus thousands of times ...

Remember 14.4k?

I never forget that weird sound, which I used for connecting the Internet. I learned HTML4 and Qbasic; then, I created the first website in my life. Meanwhile, I was studying electronic engineering in a technical college.

Wow Flash

I was majoring in Political Science at university. The knowledge I learned from school became a part of my design thinking. I also had a chance to meet with Macromedia Flash, and it just blew my mind!

First step

After graduated, I attended a design training program. I gained the fundamental skills and coded my own Flash portfolio website.  The website won the 1st place in a competition event.

American dream

I want to learn more about design. Therefore, I came to the USA to study Web Design & New Media in Academy of Art University. That's how I opened the door of UXUI.

Became a designer

My first design job was  at a design agency, Avant. I had the chance to work on many well-known clients such as AT&T, EA, etc. In the meantime, my school's final thesis was honored by Webby and W3 awards.

Mobile wallet

After Avant, I joined PayPal. The mobile team was just started up, I was the first full-time designer in the team doing many fun projects.  I also helped the team to recruit talents. It was a fun and unforgettable trip.

Dream came true

One year later, Adobe offered a chance to join the design team. I was so excited about working with world-class designers. In 2015, I was promoted to a senior level and led numerous  Acrobat products.

I'm UXUI designer with multiple science backgrounds, crafting design solutions from diverse perspectives. I'm currently the Sr. UX Designer at Adobe, collaborating with cross-functional teams throughout the user-centered design process to optimize product life-cycle and elevate user experience.

I'm passionate about discovering insight, creativity, emotional design, behavioral observation, micro-interaction, innovative gadgets and minimalism.

What's next

Hmm... let me think... maybe an astronaut!! :D (escape from Covid?!)

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