Adobe Reader

Windows Phone 8.1

2015 @ San Jose

Metro Design • UX/UI Design

Metro Design

Metro design is unique which has a very different design language from Apple’s iOS or Google’s Material Design. Therefore I spent time on learning the guideline. First thing we redesigned the landing screen by adopting Pivot menu. In this Pivot menu, the user can easily navigate the different sections.

Tool Bar

The toolbar is another fundamental UI element in Metro Design. To provide natural experience, I redefined the toolbar and icons along with screen oriented behavior.

Viewing Doc

Viewing PDF is a matter in Acrobat. I figured out different cases in document view mode and used the matrix to help team understood the viable cases. The find feature also had been redesigned which became a standard Metro search UI.


Previous Acrobat used the full-screen bookmark; this caused problems with jumping screens and interrupting reading flow. The solution used the method of panel overlapping with the half screen to reveal content while using the bookmark.


I would say this is an OK product since there are many technical bugs development team needs to overcome. Other than that, we still retrieved many positive feedbacks around the new Metro UI and the enhanced features.

Hey Windows Phone, we didn’t forget you.

Adobe Acrobat is a crossing platform product, and Windows Phone was one of the targets. The team was going to redesign Acrobat app to meet Metro Design guideline as well as enhance some main features.

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