PayPal Mobile

iOS5 Application

2012 @ San Jose

iOS 5 • UX/UI Design

What's wrong

First of all, we captured all screenshots from existing mobile app and created a big flowmap. The team could quickly identify those problems and get started the plan.


I worked with PM to define the story and flow behind this function. The goal was to help user makes payment without showing your phone. This feature would automatically pay to merchant which he frequently goes. This diagram helped team to understand the scenario.


The feature of auto pay requests user's permission. Instead of using default iOS switcher or boring button UI, I started to brainstormed some interesting concept of this toggle switcher. I made couple Flash prototypes and showed them with people to get feedback.

Use Cases

The next step was making user experience flows. Since it was the new function in iOS app, I needed to make sure all use cases covered as well as look into more details. The flow below describes the main case when user uses app to check in and turn on auto pay.

Easy Management

The app had been redesigned to allow quick access to managing account after logging in. The new transactions history screen enhanced the speed at which users were navigating and finding activities more efficient.

Send and Get

Sending and requesting money were simpler and easier. Those two function had high usage in mobile from users. That’s the reason we placed them at the toolbar as the primary duties.


The team successfully delivered iOS app from JUST AN APP to A WALLET. This new app was the best app in the week 2012/3 at app store. The mobile team played a good role working with development and product team making this whole new mobile app in just six months.

Here is your wallet

PayPal was just establishing the new mobile team when I joined. The team cooperated with Fjord designers aiming to accomplish the product in 6 months. Meanwhile, since the mobile team was very new, the team only had three people including me. I also supported to build the design team, define the design process and recruit new blood.

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