Social Marketplace iOS6

2013 @ San Jose

UX/UI Design • Visual

Design Identity

The spirit of this product was social circles. I created the logo composed of 4 slices pies with four different colors echoing the 4 social circles. Before iOS7 flat style introduced, it was the era of iOS6. The flat design was not mainstream at that time, but I believed the flat design would be a trend in terms of its simplicity and minimalism.

2 Steps

We wanted to create a easy and simple selling process. All our users need to do is 2 clicks: Adding pictures and filling price, info then done.


This small team meets weekly. We desired to complete everything and push this idea to people.


Unfortunately, our developer was no longer able to work on this project for some reason. Nowadays, we can see many great similar mobile apps such as OfferUp. Wish there is a day, we can introduce this exciting idea to people.

My neighbor is selling his broken laser pointer.

Unlikely eBay or Craigslist those global marketplaces, we wanted to create a social marketplace which should be small and tying closely with life. We defined four main circles from our daily life, they were followers, neighbors, colleagues, and classmates. Based on this concept, we believed selling, buying, and exchanging items could be quicker and easier.

CREATED by JeffYen