Adobe Sign

Workflow Designer

2015 @ San Jose & Boston

Web app • UX/UI Design


Interviewed our customer service staffs to understand the problem they were facing. Concepts began from sketching UI and flow from the whiteboard and comparing existing workflow tools on the market.

Story Mapping

I flew to Boston and met with engineer team. In there, designer, product manager and developers used story mapping method helped to quickly wrap out MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) and plan product timeframe.

Design Exploration

I got started to explore many design options. Not only reviewed design with the team, I interviewed our customer such as Amazon  to get their feedbacks.

Defining Tasks

Once the design direction was made, I started to define each final function flow. Some main task are like creating workflow, updating workflow, planning the participant map.


During the design process, I also used inVision to make click-through prototype for testing design options.


The last step was creating series mockups and visual spec including delivering UI elements. Adobe Sign doesn’t have fancy visual looking, but no doubt to keep pixel perfect and quality .


Abandoned ugly XML code, every user now can use this application to build their workflows. The CSR team can take a break now. Our story mapping excise also became a standard design process in Adobe Sign. Nowadays this excise is actively by used from other Adobe Sign teams.

Writing XML? give me a break...

The old workflow system of Adobe Sign was only accessed by the CSR team (Customer Service Representative) and used unintuitive XML code to generate workflows. Adobe Sign desired to have a workflow design system which allows users to create and manage workflows.

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