Adobe Sign


2014 @ San Jose

Web site • UI Design

From BIG to small

The idea initially came up of a long term goal of redesigning entire website including experience and user interface. However, the goal was narrowed down to be a short-term plan with focusing on UI only first. We had a tight schedule to complete within a month.

Make a Plan

To complete the mission within the limited timeframe and there were 100+ screens waited for us to re-skin, we listed out all of the screens in priority and distributed our duties apparently.

Pixel Perfect

Front end developer, quality engineer, and designer (Me) worked parallelly and closely. In addition to providing design mockups and specs, I helped on CSS code as well as checked implementation with QE hourly. And Kept eyes on details to make sure everything was pixel perfect.


After four years since EchoSign acquired by Adobe, it finally looked like a part of Adobe products. The new design turned out getting many positive feedbacks came from our clients, even if it was just UI change.

A CRAZY month

Adobe acquired EchoSign (renamed to Adobe Sign on 2016) in 2011. The one of prior missions is to make it looks like a member of Acrobat family. There were approximately 100 screens were waited us to redesigned in 30 days. And we have only three people.

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