Adobe Sign


2014 @ San Jose

Web App • UX/UI Design • Responsive

Reframing Problem

During the first year, many versions of design had been proposed, but we ended up recognizing those designs were just “re-skinning” not real “redesigning.” Therefore we reframed the signing problem and redefined the experience again.

Guidance is Matter

The most important thing we learned was guiding users. Back to scratch, we simplified the process and got rid of unnecessary noises. Now user can directly follow the coach mark to complete eSigning.

Just Sign

The core is signing. When a user needs to sign, s/he should only focus on signing documents without confusion. We refined the scribble panel with a bigger canvas and clean appearance.


The red flag concept was from sign here sticker, and it also became a symbol of EchoSign used for promotion. For the business strategy, it was a great chance integrating “sign here” into the application. I made an animation to help team understood the concept.

Don’t Forget Validation

All fields were designed with new style. We also need to make sure to cover the validation case, when user enters invalid data in the field assigned with specific format such as date field.

Go Mobile

Considered signing on mobile devices responsively, the screen had been designed which can display on various screen resolutions.

Result and Lesson

This new update helps EchoSign earning many wins such as MasterCard, American Express, Western Union, Air France, Airbnb, Spotify, Hp, etc., that was a significant milestone for both EchoSign and Adobe. Until now, many million users are using this eSign system in their daily work or life, and the number is still increasing.

To be honest, this was the most frustrating time for me. I recognized a real designer should be built with knowing how to communicate with people, solve conflicts, build relationship and trust, handle the crisis, and control emotion. This case was a great lesson about merging two different cultures.

Don't teach me how to sign

Adobe acquired EchoSign (renamed to Adobe Sign on 2016) in 2011. I joined Adobe Experience Design Document team being the first designer who worked on EchoSign team. They desired to improve the signing experience and UI with Adobe DNA.

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