Adobe Acrobat

Document Cloud

2015 @ San Jose

Multiple Platforms • UX/UI Design


The new ecosystem has very clear and organized tabs system which is unlike the previous version which was a maze. The user can browse files in Home tab, select tool in Tools tab, view document in Document tab. One system crosses all platforms.


Acrobat DC doesn’t only have a new face but also adapting web cloud tools inside desktop environment. My duty was moving them into the desktop environment. All Acrobat native tools were redesigned or adjusted for incorporating into new Acrobat.

First time? NP!

The first time use experience (FTUE) helps users engage new product and obtain notice of new updates quickly. I was assigned to develop the early FTUE concept.

Bugs Hunting

Acrobat ecosystem was a large scope project. To make sure company delivered high quality product, every Acrobat designers checked daily implementation progress and responded on reporting any bugs frequently.


A significant milestone of Acrobat, our design team efficiently wrapped out all design works with the fast-paced and high-intensity environment. Adobe document team satisfied the existing Acrobat users with a new UI and also let them easily transferred from the Acrobat 11 to the new Acrobat Document Cloud.

Mr. Acrobat is 23 years old

Adobe Acrobat 11 used old technique Flash built many tools. The UI was also complex. It lacked supporting cloud system. The document team decided to create an ecosystem. A system was able to enhance Acrobat more extensible, organized, simpler, user-friendly and consistent in various platforms based on HTML5.

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