Ciao! I’m Jeff Yen

Senior user experience and user interface designer with 6+ years‘ experience in devising various practical design solutions for different digital platforms. Passionate about creativity, observation, human behavior, and user empathy, re-framing problems with different angles and endeavor to develop innovative units concentrating on usability.

1992 MS-DOS

When I was 12 years old, my father bought an Intel 80486 personal computer. Although I made that PC crashed thousands of times, it did bring me into the early technical world.

Remember 14.4k modem? At the time, I used the modem to explore the world through BBS and Internet. I learned my first computer language QBasic in school. In addition, my first HTML 4.0 website was built in 1998 with tons of GIFs (Cool!)

1995 14.4k

2000 Flash

I was majoring in Political Science, which is an art. It showed me the ways of communication and management. Always put people's needs in the first place. I can see how it influences my design thinking. Occasionally, I met Macromedia Flash in school, and quickly realized~ This is it! Design, the road I wanted to pursue.

2005 Design?

After graduated from university and finished military service, I went to a design training center. I studied various fundamental design skills and knowledge. I built my first personal portfolio website, which won the first place in graduation design show.

2006 USA

I desired to know more about design, therefore, I came to the USA and studies Web Design and New Media at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It was the first time I heard user experience, I was so excited and Interested about it.

2009 Being a Designer

After graduation, I got my first design job at Avant design studio. I had the chances to work with some well-known clients such as AT&T, EA, and Direct TV. Meanwhile, my school final thesis project honorably gained some awards such as nominee of Webby award and best show in W3.

2011 PayPal

I wanted to take bigger challenges and prepared to explore mobile design experience, so I joined PayPal mobile team. I was very pleasure being the first designer when the team just built and watching it grew. That was a precious experience.

2012 Adobe

Later I joined Adobe, not only because it was my dream job, I felt excited having a chance to work with world-class designers in Adobe. In 2015, I was promoted to the senior designer. Keep playing a key role and leading many products in the document team.

2017 Next

What’s next? I never stop looking for it. I strive to use design to influence the world, to solve more our problems, to support public welfare, and to help people enjoy their lives. Or one day maybe become an astronaut (I luv space! :D) Stay young, keep curiosity and imagination alive!

"Just enjoy, love and believe what I’m making,

and then anything else just doesn’t matter"

Joshua Davis

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